KubeSpan allows your Kubernetes cluster to extend anywhere

Nodes on any network or cloud provider can securely join an existing cluster.

True hybrid and multi-cloud Kubernetes

Overflow to the cloud

With KubeSpan, you can run the bulk of your workloads on Kubernetes in your own datacenter, where you control the costs. For peak traffic loads, you can extend an existing cluster by adding nodes in any of the cloud providers - adding cheap burst capacity securely and easily.

Your datacenter. Infinite capacity.

Design for your customers

With KubeSpan, a cluster can span your datecenters, cloud providers, and the world. You can design clusters to best serve your customers - by location or latency - and still have a single, simple cluster to manage.

Inherent Control. Infinite Adaptability.

Manage the Edge from the cloud

If you have sites with few servers, you no longer need to allocate resources for a control plane at each site, and deal with many Kubernetes clusters. With KubeSpan, each node can securely and simply join a cluster running in the cloud - or anywhere!

Many locations. Inherent Control.

Start with the right foundation

KubeSpan is integrated into Talos Linux, the operating system designed for Kubernetes. Talos Linux is secure, image based, immutable, and API managed. It installs hardened vanilla Kubernetes configured per the CIS guidelines.
Make your Kubernetes deployments secure, stable and simple with Talos Linux – and you’ll be ready for KubeSpan.

Unlike Cilium’s ClusterMesh, KubeSpan operates outside of Kubernetes and is deeply integrated within Talos itself. It works with any CNI or even no CNI. It works even when Kubernetes itself is broken. KubeSpan is a highly-reliable connectivity system with many layers of privacy and security built in, from the ground up.

Simplify your management with KubeSpan

If you are running your clusters on Talos Linux, extending them to other networks or cloud providers is as easy as enabling a configuration setting.

All cluster members will find each other, and securely and transparently establish full encryption. And you retain full control over your cluster!

For more information, see the KubeSpan announcement blog.


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