Kubernetes Everywhere

We manage the complexity so that you can take advantage of Kubernetes wherever you need it!

Whether you want an easy way to spin up bare metal clusters, manage clusters across multiple cloud providers, or create clusters that span datacenter and cloud – the team from Sidero Labs makes it easy.

Centralized Management

A service to deploy and manage Kubernetes on AWS, Azure, GCP, Equinix Metal, Digital Ocean, VMware, and Bare Metal.

Single Pane of Glass

Access your account from anywhere to manage all your clusters.


Deploy required applications to all created clusters.

Declarative Infrastructure

Store your infrastructure definition in version control and let us handle the rest.

One click cluster deployment

Deploy your HA control plane, scale worker nodes – even across environments – with one click.

True Hybrid Infrastructure

Create clusters mixing cloud instances with on-premises VMs and bare metal machines. Take advantage of cost efficient on-premises hardware while still having the ability to burst into the cloud.

Upgrades without worry

Managed Kubernetes and OS upgrades so you can focus on your applications.

Kubernetes Upgrades

Get the latest stable Kubernetes via upgrade paths managed by our team of Kubernetes experts.

OS Upgrades

Forget about the OS, and focus on your application. Our team of Linux experts will handle upgrades of the OS for you.

Scheduled Upgrades

Define what you want upgraded and when.

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Questions? Need help? Send us a message! We’d love to talk about your Kubernetes project and how Sidero might be able to help you. You can also email us at or find us on Slack