About us

At Sidero Labs, we have a vision for Kubernetes

Kubernetes that lives up to its promise.
Secure – automatically.
Easy to deploy – anywhere.
Easy to manage – even across multiple locations and cloud providers.

Inherent Control. Infinite Adaptability.

Our Story

Kubernetes has revolutionized how applications run, and Sidero® is building tools to bring that same transformation to the infrastructure underneath. We believe everything should be managed by API and controlled by specification.

Sidero Labs® was born out of real life Kubernetes experience – and problems. The founders had been running production Kubernetes clusters for SaaS companies. Running Kubernetes on a general purpose OS such as RHEL or Ubuntu required a lot of tools to ensure security, and frequent patching of the operating system and packages. These operational headaches introduced fragility into the system.

Sidero was born to solve this. The first project was Talos Linux, a radically new operating system, designed purely for Kubernetes. Minimal, hardened and immutable.

The Sidero platform automates the installation and security of Kubernetes out of the box.

It eases the work of deploying and managing bare metal, and running multiple clusters in multiple locations – all while guaranteeing security and integrity. 

Real life problems. Solved.

Why the names “Sidero” and “Talos”?

Talos was an automaton created by the Greek god of the forge to protect the island of Crete. He would patrol the coast and enforce laws throughout the land. We felt it was a fitting name for a security focused operating system designed to run and protect Kubernetes.

“Sidero” is a word meaning both iron and the stars. As Sidero simplifies running Kubernetes on iron (metal), Talos the automaton was made of metal, and we’re shooting for the stars in creating the API managed datacenter, it seemed appropriate.


Our Team

Andrew Rynhard

Founder and CTO

Spencer Smith

Director of SRE and Customer Success

Andrey Smirnov

Engineering Lead

Steve Francis


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Artem Chernyshev

Principal Software Engineer

Noel Georgi

Devops Engineer

Tim Jones

Software Engineer

Dmitry Matrenichev

Senior Software Engineer

Utku Özdemir

Senior Software Engineer

Sean SaperStein

Sales Lead

Justin Garrison

Director of Developer Relations

Advisory Board

Yilmaz Karayilan

Yilmaz Karayilan

Director, Nokia Enterprise

Saïd Ziouani

Founder & CEO at Anchore. Ex Founder & CEO Ansible

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