Sidero License and Support Options

Talos OS and other projects are open source, powerful and easy to use. So why buy a support license?

Because your time is valuable. And the faster you resolve issues, the more agility Kubernetes will provide your business.

The Sidero team will support Kubernetes and the Sidero suite with deep expertise, answering questions and resolving issues quickly and efficiently. Engineers that wrote the code can get you past any hiccups – or fix them if need be. And be available to resolve things at 4:00 am, the morning before your production roll out…



Open Source, API-Managed Operating System

Automatically Configured and Deployed Kubernetes

Latest Stable Linux Kernel

Secure By Design Configuration

Consistent Deployments Across Clouds, Virtualization, and Metal

Developer-friendly Docker and Firecracker deployment model

Cluster API Providers

Basic Upgrade Controller

Community Support


Contact for Pricing

All Community features

Production support with SLA via web ticket, email, phone, private Slack.

24 x 7 or business hours support options

Professional Services

Large scale and dynamic deployments support

Training available

Enterprise Upgrade Controller with Scheduling and Sequencing

Guidance with deployment of Talos and Kubernetes

Account Manager

Managed Support

Contact for Pricing

Experts at Talos proactively install, operate and maintain your Kubernetes clusters.

Production support with SLA via web ticket, email, phone, private Slack.

24 x 7 or business hours options, that accommodate your change control process

Benefit from the expert knowledge and experience of our team to gain a reliable infrastructure

OS and Kubernetes upgrades done for you, ensuring you are always current and secure

Gain agility even without experienced Kubernetes administrators on staff

Account Manager

Not ready for an Enterprise plan, but want some help with Kubernetes or the Sidero platform? No problem! Contact us for a complimentary consultation about your Kubernetes deployment. If you decide Talos OS is a fit, but want some guidance, you can engage our professionals to kickstart your time to value, train your team, or guide you in best practices set up. No ongoing contract required.

Talos Systems is now SideroLabs!


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