License and Support Options

Pricing and Support

Omni: The SaaS for Kubernetes

Omni lets you rapidly provision machines and clusters, even on bare metal and at the edge. It handles security for you, integrating Kubernetes access into your Enterprise authentication. Omni automates updates, re-provisioning and GitOps flows. All through a simple UI or API.


For home use
$ 10 Monthly
  • Limited to 1 cluster, 6 nodes
  • Single User Only
  • Community Support


Build the right infrastructure
$ 250 Monthly for 10 nodes
  • Includes 10 nodes in base price
  • Additional nodes priced per node, per month
  • Scales to unlimited Clusters,
    Nodes and Users
  • Community Support


The assurance of expert support
$ 1000 Monthly for 10 nodes
  • Scales to unlimited Clusters,
    Nodes and Users
  • Includes 10 nodes in base price
  • Business hours support with SLAs
  • Unlimited users with RBAC and SAML
  • Volume Pricing for additional nodes


Enterprise Ready SLAs and Features
$ 1500 Monthly for 10 nodes
  • Business plan features, plus...
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support with SLAs
  • Free Development account
  • Fully Managed Option
  • Can Self Host On Prem
  • Supports Air-Gapped environments
  • Legal terms review
  • Private Slack Channel
On Prem

With an Enterprise license, Fully Managed Omni is also available – have the experts from Sidero Labs deploy, monitor, upgrade your Kubernetes – 24 x 7. Contact us 

Support for Open Source offerings.

Talos and Kubernetes Enterprise Support

Support is available with Business hours or 24 x 7 SLAs.

Support agreements include Omni licenses. You do not have to deploy Omni, but it is included (and is, in our opinion, the best way to deploy and manage Talos Linux Kubernetes clusters). Pricing is as listed above for the Business or Enterprise tiers of Omni.

Why buy a support contract?

Because your time is valuable. The faster you resolve issues, the more agility Kubernetes will provide your business. 

Many enterprises find it hard to keep up with the cadence of releases. Our enterprise support plans offer support for non-current versions of Kubernetes and Talos, so you can upgrade at your schedule. 

The Sidero team will support Kubernetes and the Sidero suite with deep expertise, answering questions and resolving issues quickly and efficiently. Engineers that wrote the code can get you past any hiccups – or fix them if need be. And be available to resolve issues at 4:00 am during your production roll out.

Not ready for an Enterprise plan, but want some help with Kubernetes or the Sidero platform?

No problem! Contact us for a complimentary consultation about your Kubernetes deployment.
If you decide the Sidero suite is a fit, but want some guidance, you can engage our professionals to kickstart your time to value, train your team, or guide you in best practices set up.