Sidero Omni

SaaS-simple deployment of Kubernetes - on your own hardware.

Kubernetes shouldn't require a team of engineers. Sidero Omni manages Kubernetes, so you don't have to.
Simple deployments from scratch: Boot, click, done!

Bare Metal, Cloud, Virtual or Edge.

The SaaS platform for Kubernetes deployments and operations.

Omni is available to run locally to support air-gapped security and data sovereignty concerns.

Kubernetes is wonderful, but requires scarce time and expertise to setup and manage. Other solutions demand you have already setup Linux correctly, have all your servers in the same network, and meet their other criteria. And hybrid clusters that span cloud and data center? Good luck with that!

Omni allows you to start with bare metal, virtual machines or a cloud provider, and create clusters spanning all of your locations, with a few clicks.

You provide the machines – edge compute, bare metal, VMs, or in your cloud account. Boot from an Omni image. Click to allocate to a cluster. That’s it!

  • Vanilla Kubernetes, on your machines, under your control.
  • Elegant UI for management and operations
  • Security taken care of – ties into your Enterprise ID provider
  • Highly Available Kubernetes API end point built in
  • Firewall friendly. Manage Edge nodes securely
  • From single-node clusters to the largest scale
  • Support for GPUs and most CSIs.
"Omni has made it simple for us to deploy new clusters, scale up or down, and lets us focus on our applications - not on Kubernetes."

See how easy it can be to get Kubernetes running

Boot Machines

Login to your Omni account, and download your boot images. 

There are images for all cloud providers, ISOs, VMware, even Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, and more – anywhere you could want to run Kubernetes.

Boot your machines off the images, and they will securely register with Omni.

Click: Allocate machines to clusters

As soon as machines boot, they are available to allocate to clusters, and can be assigned as Control Plane or Worker nodes at the click of a button.

Done: Create cluster

Click “Create Cluster”, and you are done. Your cluster will be securely created, with a highly available Kubernetes endpoint and best practices from the start, and be ready to use within minutes. You now have secure, upstream Kubernetes, running on your hardware (or in your cloud.) Omni will now just monitor it and help you upgrade.

Simple, Secure Management

Thanks to integrated SideroLink (TM), Talos Linux sets up a secure, WireGuard encrypted connection to Omni very early in the boot process, allowing you to stream logs, see performance data, change configurations and diagnose issues remotely, all from a simple UI. SideroLink works even when your systems are behind firewalls.

Check out the Omni announcement video below for a demo:

One click cluster creation

Forget about the complexities of managing Kubernetes, and focus on your applications and business. Ideal for quickly getting bare-metal clusters up and running.

Upgrades made simple

Manage complex upgrades of Kubernetes or the operating system - simply, with the click of a UI. Update or roll back with confidence - Omni will ensure a reliable process with best practices built in, preserving etcd quorum and more.

Simplify Edge Deployments

With Omni, Talos Linux and integrated KubeSpan, edge nodes can securely join a cluster running in the cloud - or anywhere! You no longer need to allocate resources for a control plane at each edge site, and deal with many Kubernetes clusters.

Start with the right foundation

Omni deploys Talos Linux, the operating system for Kubernetes. Talos Linux is designed from the ground up solely to run Kubernetes.

  • Built for security from the start, with a minimal attack surface.
  • Image based and immutable, upgrades are simple and atomic.
  • API managed. No SSH – all management is done via a secure gRPC API. Declarative machine management.
  • Installs vanilla Kubernetes, hardened to support CIS and STIG guidelines.

Want to try Omni?

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Pricing plans are available for everyone from at-home users to enterprises wanting 24 x 7 support.