Case Studies

Learn how others have made Kubernetes secure, simple and manageable.

Kubernetes that lives up to its promise.
Secure – automatically.
Easy to deploy – anywhere.
Easy to manage – even across multiple locations and cloud providers.

Industry: Defense

Learn why a defense contractor chose Omni, our tool to simplify the deployment of Kubernetes on bare metal, offered as both a SaaS and self-hosted.

Industry: SaaS

By using Talos Linux, the MyNewsDesk team found that Kubernetes can be simple to secure and manage, even for a small team with no prior Kubernetes experience. This enabled them to save almost $200,000 a year in costs!

By switching to Talos Linux for their managed Kubernetes offering, Equinix saw a variety of benefits – but not without some adventure!

By switching to Talos Linux for their public cloud Kubernetes offering, Civo saw a variety of benefits, inducing them to standardise all their infrastructure – internal and customer facing – on Talos Linux.

Industry: Telecommunications

By using the automation and management features of Talos Linux, the Nokia has been able to securely scale their internal Kubernetes-as-a-Service platform, even as usage skyrocketed. 

Industry: Edge Deployments

By using the automation and management features of Omni, Powerflex has been able to reduce truck rolls and scale their service with better reliability.