Our partners make us stronger

Sidero partners with leading technology companies to enhance our customers’ ability to use Kubernetes, easily and anywhere.

Inherent Control. Infinite Adaptability.

Platform Partners

Get $100 credit to try Talos Linux at Vultr

Talos Linux is available in the Vultr marketplace, so it's easy to get going. And we will give you $100 credit simply by clicking on the Vultr logo to sign up.

Implementation Partners


42on are the experts that will design, build, support and manage your Ceph infrastructure


cloud-native IT Services company that helps both start-ups and enterprises realize their Kubernetes ambitions

Digital Lab

The programmatic delivery of your infrastructure and applications, from big data to data transformations.

Inteligio Technologies

Inteligio delivers Application Containerization, Refactoring and Enterprise Software Development

Mainsail Industries

Next-Generation Secure Virtualization


Kumorion is focused on providing cloud infrastructure solutions using open-source projects such as OpenStack and Kubernetes.

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