Complete 24 x 7 support for Kubernetes and the Sidero Suite.

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The Sidero team is here to help!

We want you – our customers – to succeed. We are happy to answer your questions, resolve issues, or provide design feedback. Our team includes engineers that have run Kubernetes for some of the largest enterprises around, as well as developers that contributed to various Kubernetes projects.

Rapid Resolutions

Sidero Labs software is designed for production reliability. If you run into problems, the developers who wrote the software can help you quickly resolve any issues.

24 x 7 coverage

We know your infrastructure is critical. So we offer support options with round the clock coverage, and responsive SLAs of as little as 1 hour.


Training is available to get your team up to best practices on Kubernetes, Talos Linux, and the Sidero management tools, leading to a more secure and operationally stable infrastructure. For teams new to Kubernetes, or those experienced in Kubernetes but new to Sidero.

Professional Services

Need to roll out your first Kubernetes cluster? Or improve your processes for your 100th? Want to ensure your security is what it should be? Our consulting and implementation services can transfer knowledge, provide architecture reviews, and help your team become best in class.

Accelerate your Kubernetes project

“The Sidero team was able to come in and guide us on best practices for our workload and make upgrading our clusters easy. They continue to be a big help when any questions arise with our unique use-cases.”
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