Alpha3Kube built on Talos and Omni

We have been working with opsZero and Alpha3 Cloud to give you more options to run Kubernetes. Alpha3 provides a dedicated infrastructure environment ideal for many workloads and opsZero provides services and features above the compute layer.

This combination of infrastructure, software, and services has resulted in the new Alpha3Kube product which gives you a way to provision turnkey Kubernetes clusters on private infrastructure and with operational support. You are able to provision the server capacity you need and a dedicated Omni installation on Alpha3’s environment to have a ready-to-go Kubernetes management solution.

Alpha3 Cloud is a great option for customers who run workloads that require federal or industry compliance requirements. Together with opsZero you can have confidence your underlying infrastructure is managed securely and meeting the needed regulations.

For customers who want to deploy Kubernetes on their own infrastructure or in a cloud provider Sidero is still dedicated to running a hosted version of Omni that you can subscribe to with a variety of support options and cluster sizes.

We are excited for our partnership with Alpha3 and opsZero because we believe that scalable solutions are built on simple technologies and Talos Linux combined with Omni is the simplest solution for Linux and Kubernetes management. Combined with infrastructure provisioning and operational excellence is a complete package for any company that wants to leverage Kubernetes.


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