Talos Systems is now Sidero Labs!

Wait – what now?

Talos Systems was launched to build out and support the open source project Talos OS – a modern OS for Kubernetes. Talos is a great name for a security focused operating system – it’s a mythological automaton that protected an island. It connotes security, automation, and reliability. Unfortunately, it was such a good name that it is in use by several other entities – amongst them the Talos intelligence cybersecurity group from Cisco Systems, who happened to have trademarked the name around the world.

So we went through the pain of rebranding, but we’re happy we did – we think Sidero Labs is an even better name for the company. Sidero is ancient Greek for Iron, and as a prefix means “constellation”, or related to the stars. As a company, Sidero Labs creates software that organizes the constellation of systems in your cloud or datacenter. Even the ones on bare metal (or iron.)

And we love our new logo:

The icon derives from images of a greek shield to embody protection, and also space-time singularities (for awesomeness).

How about Talos OS? And the Sidero bare metal Kubernetes tool?

For now, Talos, the operating system, will remain Talos – but formally be named Talos OS.

Sidero, which simplifies the creation of private Kubernetes clouds on bare metal, will now be known as Sidero Metal.

Our email has switched from @talos-systems.com to @siderolabs.com (the old addresses still work.)

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