Sidero Omni

SaaS deployment of Kubernetes. Anywhere.

Simple deployments from scratch: Boot, click, done!
Bare Metal, Cloud, Virtual or Edge.

The simplicity of SaaS brought to Kubernetes deployments

Omni allows you to start with bare metal, VMs, or a cloud provider, and create clusters spanning all of your locations with a few clicks, and all traffic encrypted appropriately.

Omni makes creating a Kubernetes cluster: Boot, click, done!

Edge Problems, solved

Boot your edge devices with an Omni image – as soon as machines boot, they are available to allocate to clusters, and can be assigned as Control Plane or Worker nodes at the click of a button. And they will be running Talos Linux, the immutable, minimal OS designed for Kubernetes: inherently secure and stable – important when running at the edge where IT personnel are often not present. Deploy Talos, and it just works. Upgrades are image based, with automatic rollback.

Omni also provides HA Kubernetes API endpoints, automatically.  Free yourself of the burden of Kubernetes setup.

Run your control plane in your data center, or on a public cloud, but add workers at your edge locations – securely, as part of the same cluster. Do away with expensive hardware investments at the edge for a HA control plane – integrated WireGuard encryption and Talos Linux allow you to run a simple, manageable cluster that covers all locations

Simple, Secure Management

Thanks to integrated SideroLink (TM), Talos Linux sets up a secure, WireGuard encrypted connection to Omni very early in the boot process, allowing you to stream logs, see performance data, change configurations and diagnose issues remotely, all from a simple UI. SideroLink works even when your systems are behind firewalls.

One click cluster creation

Forget about the complexities of managing Kubernetes, and focus on your applications and business. Ideal for quickly getting bare-metal clusters up and running.

Upgrades made simple

Manage complex upgrades of Kubernetes or the operating system - simply, with the click of a UI. Update or roll back with confidence - Omni will ensure a reliable process with best practices built in, preserving etcd quorum and more.

Simplify Edge Deployments

With Omni, Talos Linux and integrated KubeSpan, edge nodes can securely join a cluster running in the cloud - or anywhere! You no longer need to allocate resources for a control plane at each edge site, and deal with many Kubernetes clusters.

Interested? Let us know

Kubecon special offer​

To showcase the ease and value of Omni, which was launched at Kubecon NA 2022, Sidero Labs is offering 45 days free trial of Omni.

If you have come by our booth (SU30), and received the special edition Sidero Labs socks (likely to be a collector’s item in the future, similar to works of art by Banksy!) then you qualify for this extended trial.

Omni is in Closed Beta in November, 2022. 

Got questions? Contact us!

Pricing plans will be available for everyone from at-home users to enterprises wanting 24 x 7 support. Sign up below for the extended 45 day free trial.

Accounts provisioning is not yet automated, so there may be a delay of up to a day after you complete your form while we create your account.

NOTE: Omni trial accounts require an email address that is authenticated by Google (preferably Google Workspace) or GitHub. 

And as noted, we are still in a closed beta – we are adding new accounts gradually to validate our infrastructure and monitoring, and find the unexpected edge cases that pop up in launching a new SaaS. There may be a day, or possibly a few days, before we are able to create your account.


Questions? Need help? Send us a message! We’d love to talk about your Kubernetes project and how Sidero might be able to help you. You can also email us at or find us on Slack

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