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Dive Deep into Talos, Kubernetes, and Omni

If you are just getting started with Kubernetes or already responsible for production environments. We want to hear from you, face-to-face.

Taloscon has 3 tracks with topics covering how you can simplify your Kubernetes and machine management. You’ll hear from companies that are already using Talos to build their products.

There are workshops to help you level up your skills with some of the engineers behind Talos and Omni.


Tell your boss

“Talos is the easiest way to run Kubernetes. We need to simplify our {AI, batch, web} workloads and Kubernetes is the best option.

Our infrastructure is {on-prem, hybrid} and Taloscon has talks and workshops to help build and maintain our infrastructure.

Did I mention it’s free?”

Everyman Canary Wharf

Crossrail Place,
Canary Wharf,
E14 5ar, London, UK

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Space is limited to 250 people. Please only sign up if you're able to attend.
If you need to cancel please email taloscon@siderolabs.com


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