Inherent Control. Infinite Adaptability.

Kubernetes lifecycle management reimagined from the operating system to entire stack


Sidero delivers a better way to run Kubernetes

Sidero delivers an open source platform that delivers immutability, declarative configuration, and APIs, at every layer. Even the OS. Automate the installation and management of multiple Kubernetes clusters, in any environment – cloud, hypervisor, bare metal and edge.Β 

Sidero Metal makes it easy to install Kubernetes on bare metal.

The Sidero platform is built on Talos Linux: a completely reimagined OS for Kubernetes:

  • A consistent way to run Kubernetes across platforms (cloud, virtual, and bare metal)
  • Immutable. The OS doesn’t change, while everything around it changes.
  • API-driven. Simplifying communication between ops, apps, and the OS.
  • Secure. Providing the best practices Kubernetes never had.


This is the next generation of infrastructure automation.


Talos Linux is fully immutable from boot to shutdown, SSH and console access are replaced with encrypted API calls. No unneeded dependencies or services.

Inherent security.Β 
Instant sanity.


Prescriptive, immutable infrastructure - keeps running the way you deployed it. Installs and upgrades are repeatable, programmable and simple.

Kubernetes Agility.
Sidero Stability.


Sidero suite is consistent even if your Kubernetes environment spans multiple platforms, simplifying operations and enabling automation.

Bridge the Kubernetes
Skills gap


Installing or upgrading a Talos Linux cluster is fast! Think minutes, not hours. Installs and upgrades are repeatable, programmable and simple.

Sidero Speed.

Kubernetes Agility.

Sidero is ideal for...

Bare Metal Kubernetes

Sidero Metal, part of the Sidero platform, removes the headache of running Kubernetes on bare metal, automating the provisioning and life cycle process.

Build your cloud.

Highly Regulated Environments

Our security posture is ideal for highly-regulated environments. We support air-gapped systems, and our architecture makes compliance faster and cheaper, and reduces the number of components to patch and update.

Mixed Infrastructure

The Sidero suite runs on all major public cloud providers, virtualization platforms, and bare metal. Use the same tools and processes to manage your systems no matter where they're running.

Development-to-Production Workflow

Talos is ideal for development, supporting Firecracker, QEMU, VirtualBox, and Docker. This allows consistent tooling and the same OS through the entire app lifecycle from development to production.

Kubernetes on the edge

Talos Linux is extremely resource efficient, and supports ARM CPUs and SIngle Board Computers like the Raspberry Pi, and installs vanilla Kubernetes. You get the full capabilities on K8s even on the edge.

Next Steps

Try Talos Linux

Quickly get a Talos environment up and running in a local container for dev and test. For production deployments, Talos supports most cloud platforms, bare metal hardware, and virtualization targets.

Learn More

Read about how a radically better OS for Kubernetes can make your Kubernetes deployments secure, stable and simple. Learn how to build your own bare-metal Kubernetes cloud. You may also want to dive in to some blog articles.


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