Bringing the simplicity of the cloud to bare-metal and edge Kubernetes.

Kubernetes doesn't have to mean:

  • Complicated installations
  • Configuration drift
  • Fragile Upgrades
  • Slow deployments
  • Poorly managed secrets
  • Non-unified authentication
  • Complex networking requirements
  • Convoluted troubleshooting

Omni is the better way to run Kubernetes

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Deploy in minutes!

Boot your machine off an Omni ISO or image, and immediately use the UI or API to create clusters, no matter where the machine is - even behind firewalls. Deploy in minutes, not hours. Installs are repeatable, programmable and simple.


Verified Upgrades

Kubernetes and Operating System upgrades are safe and simple. API Readiness checks, built-in knowledge, and node locking mean upgrades are no longer stressful.


Security In-Depth

Omni builds on Talos Linux, the OS for Kubernetes: it's minimal, Immutable from boot to shutdown, with TrustedBoot and TPM support. Omni ensures Kubernetes secrets are always protected, and integrated with your Enterprise authentication system.

Trusted By Leading Companies

Our team has managed Kubernetes for some of the largest companies in the world. We know how complicated Kubernetes can be. That's why we built Omni.

Omni makes Kubernetes as easy as Download, Connect, Deploy


Download an Omni image - there are images for all platforms: ISO, AMI, VMWare, and more.


As soon as your node boots off the Omni image, it will register via an encrypted connection to the Omni service, and be available as an unallocated machine.


You can assign your nodes as workers, control plane nodes, form new clusters, or join them to existing ones - even spanning locations and firewalls - in one click!

You want to be confident in your Kubernetes clusters. You need a system that just works.

The problem is that Kubernetes is complicated – even more so if you are using CAPI – and this makes you hesitant to upgrade, or change and improve things.

We understand that applications are what matter. We believe infrastructure should just work, which is why we made Omni take care of most problems for you.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Every node automatically communicates back to Omni over WireGuard and registers itself – even through firewalls.
  • Omni let’s you declaratively define clusters, using nodes and classes of nodes, and automatically ensures things are as configured – just like Kubernetes operators.
  • Omni embeds best practices so upgrades and scaling are uneventful; authentication is seamless, and security is air-tight.

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Omni, the SaaS for Kubernetes, is the quickest way to get Kubernetes up and running. Try it yourself, or Contact Us if you want a demo or more information.

Sidero Labs software is ideal for...

Bare Metal Kubernetes

Omni removes the headache of running Kubernetes on bare metal, automating the provisioning and life cycle process.

Build your cloud.

Regulated Environments

Our security posture is ideal for highly-regulated environments. We support air-gapped systems, and our architecture makes compliance easier, and reduces the number of components to patch and update.

Mixed Infrastructure

The Sidero suite runs on all major public cloud providers, virtualization platforms, and bare metal. Use the same tools and processes to manage your systems no matter where they're running.

Kubernetes on the edge

Perfect for edge deployments, immutability eliminates configuration drift, while TrustedBoot ensures integrity in hostile locations. Talos Linux is extremely resource efficient, and supports full Kubernetes on SBCs like the Raspberry Pi.