Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes

Extend clusters across multiple environments

True hybrid and multi-cloud Kubernetes

The Sidero® platform allows individual Kubernetes clusters to span multiple environments.

Overflow to the cloud

Run the bulk of your Kubernetes workloads in your own datacenter, where you control the costs. Add burst capacity securely and easily: extend your cluster by adding worker nodes in any of the cloud providers.

Your datacenter. Infinite capacity.

Design for your customers

With KubeSpan, a single cluster can span your datacenters, cloud providers, and the world. You can allocate workers to best serve your customers - by data sovereignty, cost, or latency - and still have a single, simple cluster to manage.

Inherent Control. Infinite Adaptability.

Manage the Edge from the cloud

You no longer need to allocate resources for a control plane at each site, and deal with many Kubernetes clusters. With KubeSpan, each node can securely and simply join a cluster running in the cloud - or anywhere!

Many locations. Inherent Control.

Enabling clusters to span multiple environments

Talos Linux, the operating system designed for Kubernetes, includes KubeSpan®. KubeSpan securely and transparently establishes full encryption between all members of a cluster – even if they are running on completely different networks and behind firewalls. All cluster members will find each other, and automatically update reachability information.

KubeSpan operates outside of Kubernetes. It works with any CNI, and even if Kubernetes is broken. KubeSpan is a highly-reliable connectivity system with many layers of privacy and security built in, from the ground up. And to make your cluster KubeSpan enabled is a single configuration option.

Ready? Start a deployment today

The Sidero platform is open source. Use it for free. For production deployments, Enterprise support contracts are available.
Start a POC by yourself, or in conjunction with our helpful engineers.