Kubernetes for Regulated Environments

Minimal, hardened, and secure Kubernetes. Made simple.

The new standard for DevSecOps

DevSecOps means integrating security into application development and deployment from end to end. And that starts with the foundation – the operating system.

Talos Linux, the operating system for Kubernetes, is minimal, image based, immutable, and API managed. It installs hardened Kubernetes configured per the CIS guidelines. Because Talos Linux is secure-by-default, security best practices are followed consistently, every time, without consuming engineering time.

Secure, Reproducible software

Sidero Labs uses secure development practices: all contributions must be signed, and commits use two-factor authentication.
All builds are fully reproducible - meaning that you can ensure the Sidero software supply chain is secure, and validate your servers are running the correct, secure code easily.

Inherent Security. Instant Sanity.

Airgapped deployments

Securely and simply deploy and operate air-gapped Kubernetes clusters. Talos Linux can automate away the complexity involved in the install of airgapped deployments, ensuring a secure, reliable production grade system.

Open Source. And Locked Down

Eliminate CVEs

With other platforms, upgrading Kubernetes or the OS is a nerve wracking experience, meaning it is oft delayed, allowing bugs and CVEs to persist.
With Sidero upgrades are automated, simple and safe. Deploy the current stable Kubernetes and kernel simply, keeping your environment secure.

Kubernetes agility. Sidero stability.

Start with the right foundation

Because Talos Linux is immutable, minimal, and designed for security, it eliminates whole classes of vulnerabilities. Misconfigured users? Loose SSH policies? Accidentally enabled web server? None of these vulnerabilities can apply to Talos Linux, where security is the first priority.

Eliminating SSH, package managers and all extraneous software eliminates hundreds of possible vulnerabilities – and simplifies auditing and compliance checks by orders of magnitude.

When you want to avoid the thousands of hours spent on compliance audits, Talos Linux is the answer.


Compliance doesn’t have to be hard. Deploy the Sidero Platform and see for yourself.