Kubernetes at the Edge

Secure, immutable OS and hardened vanilla Kubernetes on ARM and edge devices. Kubernetes amplified.

The platform for Edge Kubernetes

Whether you are running complete Kubernetes clusters at the edge, or just want to run worker nodes at the edge, the Sidero platform will make it easy, secure, and performant. Easily managed. Immutable. Unlocking new architecture possibilities with integrated KubeSpan. Perfect for IoT, hostile locations, and retail use cases. Live on the edge – safely.

Blazing Performance

Talos Linux is minimal and efficient, leaving all the resources for the workload. Read about the performance of Talos Linux and Vanilla Kubernetes, and how they are a great alternative to K3s, even in low resource environments.

Hybrid Flexibility

KubeSpan lets edge nodes securely join a cluster even when the control plane is behind firewalls in your datacenter, or on a different public cloud. KubeSpan, part of Talos Linux, gives you the flexibility to extend your edge deployments anywhere.


Develop and deploy your applications using the same OS and Kubernetes distribution for edge, data center, virtualized, cloud, bare metal and workstation clusters. This consistency ensures releases work as expected, which speeds development and agility, minimizes training and outages, and improves uptime.


An immutable Kubernetes specific Operating System means rock solid reliability, even in remote and hostile locations for your edge nodes. Talos Linux just works.

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