Omni source code now available

Omni is the easiest way to manage Kubernetes clusters and Talos Linux. It has been a hosted service provided by Sidero Labs and now the source code is available under a BUSL license which means you can self-host it for testing and personal use cases.

Omni has been (and still is) available as a SaaS offering—the easiest way to get started—and available to run on-prem for enterprise licensed users. With this release you can now run Omni in your testing environment without requiring an account.

The BUSL license means you can run Omni for non-production workloads which includes testing, proof of concept, and home labs. You can get started by checking out the repo or the getting started guide in the documentation.

We moved Omni to under the BUSL for a few reasons:

  • It enables users and customers to audit, review and contribute to the source code. We have some extremely large customers with a lot of engineering staff that want to contribute to the code and help improve Omni.
  • It is a way for our community members to run Omni at home, and not incur any costs, while still protecting our ability to charge businesses (and thus ensuring Sidero Labs survives as a business).
  • It helps reduce concerns of vendor lock-in for enterprises. The source code is public, and so it allows the inspection and modification of source code by any licensee. The BUSL license automatically converts to the Mozilla Public License 4 years after release. At that point the software is free for anyone to use, change, and share under those terms.

The Omni hosted service is still the easiest way to get started, and plans start as low as $20/mo for hobby users. We understand that sometimes self-hosting is the best option.

If you have questions or want to get involved we encourage you to open an issue on the repo or join the Slack workspace. We will continue to improve Omni to simplify Kubernetes management wherever you need to run it.


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