Want to share Talos and Sidero? That’s great! Here are some resources and guidelines.


The primary logo has two elements. The Sidero shield and wordmark.

If horizontal space is limited a stacked logo option with Sidero shield and wordmark is available.

A third option can be used with only the Sidero shield.


The primary color palette applies to the Sidero shield and wordmark.

Secondary colors can be used with limited color options of the logo and background.


Horizontal logo

Minimum size

1in / 150px

Vertical logo

Minimum size

.5in / 75px

Please don’t

Only use approved versions of the logos, do not try to recreate the logo on your own and avoid these incorrect treatments.

Do not use custom color fills, inadequate contrast, or miss match light and dark background coloring.

Do not use the logo on backgrounds that are too busy or distracting.

Do not rotate or distort the logo, adjust the size relationship between the logo mark and wordmark, or change the location of the logo mark.