Want to try it yourself?

Because Sidero software is open source, you have options.

Guided proof of concept

The most efficient way to see if the Sidero suite is right for your organization is a guided proof of concept.

Working with one of our engineers, you define an appropriate scope to conduct a meaningful evaluation, success criteria, even other products you may want to consider.

You will plan, then install Kubernetes in your infrastructure. The Sidero engineer will be on hand to guide, advise, answer questions and make nerdy jokes.*

Most customers can set up a complete Sidero environment within 4 hours. (For more extensive and complicated guided POCs, we may ask for a small professional services fee.)

*Note: our engineers are hired for technical skill, not joke telling ability. Jokes may not actually be funny. 

To start a Guided POC, just let us know how to contact you:

Self directed proof of concept

Just want to try Sidero and Talos OS out by yourself? No problem.

Test Drive Talos OS

  • Install Talos OS on your local machine in Docker, using the Quickstart guide. This will give you a fully functioning two node Kubernetes cluster, and allow you to experience the power of an API managed operating system.
  • Join our community on Slack or Matrix to ask quick questions. Get support at GitHub Discussions.

Deploy on Bare Metal, Cloud, Hypervisors or SBCs:

Once you are ready to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on “real” infrastructure:

And if you run into any issues, the Sidero team is happy to help. Reach out via Slack or Matrix, or contact us, and we are happy to setup a call to work through any problems.

Talos Systems is now SideroLabs!


Get your DEMO today

Let us know how to contact you, and we’ll get you a demo, maybe even a POC.

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